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Common Support Issues

Install in your webroot
This version of MySQL ASP Content Management needs to be installed in your webroot, if you place the files in a folder further into your web structure, you will receive path errors similar to the errors listed below. Future releases will be able to placed anywhere within your web. Thanks.
Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0126'
Include file not found
/asp/admin/confirm.asp, line 1
The include file '/common/dbconn1.asp' was not found.
Personal Web Server/Chilisoft! ASP
PWS (Personal Web Server) and Chilisoft! ASP webservers have not been fully tested to work with MySQL ASP Content Management, you may have to add the following code to get it to work.
<%Response.buffer = true%>
at the start of the script and then use
before response.redirect
MS Access Version
Download the Access Database Version.

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